Need a DWI Lawyer?

Driving While Intoxicated, is a serious charge that could have severe short- and long-term consequences. Remember, however, that as frightened and confused as you may be, you are innocent until proven guilty. Contact a Kyle Law Firm lawyer with a track record of success in defending the rights of people just like you against the same charge.

Proper Procedure

The police officer who arrested you for drunk driving was required by law to follow certain procedures. For example, he or she must have had good reason to pull you over and ask you to take a portable breath test and field sobriety test.

The police officer was also responsible for making certain disclosures. This includes reading you your rights and informing you of your state’s rules regarding sobriety test consent. Our attorney will ascertain whether the officer at the scene or law enforcement officials at any point acted in a way that may have violated your rights.

Some of the procedures we might challenge involve probable cause. For example, if we believe the officer lacked a valid reason for pulling you over or for asking you to take sobriety tests, we might fight your charge on that basis.

We might also challenge assumptions made as a result of your blood alcohol content. The reading rises for some time after an individual’s last drink. If a significant amount of time passed between you being pulled over and you taking the breath test, it’s possible that your blood alcohol content was actually within legal limits at the time you were pulled over, but increased during the time that passed before you took the breath test. Challenging these points successfully requires expert knowledge of the law and professional experience that can only come from having defended DWI cases.

How The Kyle Law Firm Can Help

Penalties for those convicted of DWI vary. However, possible penalties include revocation of your driver’s license, confiscation of your car, fines, mandatory alcohol education and even jail time.

For years after you get your license back, your insurance company might charge you exorbitant premiums. The Kyle Law Firm will mount a defense that gives you the best possible chance of exoneration and, if exoneration isn’t possible, will fight to ensure that your penalties are fair and just.